Annie Dookhan And The Massachusetts Drug Lab Crisis


Special Investigator: “System is Working to Right Alleged Wrongs”

By September 18, 2013

David Meier says some of the bigger questions about the extent of the scandal are the subject of investigations by the attorney general and inspector general.

Data Analyst Describes Problems As Larger Than Dookhan

By June 16, 2013

WBUR’s Deb Becker interviews Thomas Workman, a defense attorney and adjunct professor at the University of Massachusetts School of Law, who did his own analysis of the drug lab’s data.

Public Defenders’ Forensic Director: “Entire Lab is Still Suspect”

By April 1, 2013

Anne Goldbach is the forensic services director for the Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS) in Boston.

Norfolk DA: Drug Lab Scandal Likely “Biggest Hit” to Criminal Justice in State History

By March 26, 2013

Michael Morrissey was elected District Attorney for Norfolk County in 2010. Prior to his election, Morrissey was a State Senator from the Norfolk and Plymouth Districts for eight years.

Massachusetts ACLU Director: Chemists Are Pressured to be Prosecutors

By March 7, 2013

Above: WBUR’s Deb Becker interviews Massachusetts ACLU Director Matthew Segal in March of 2013. The American Civil Liberties Union says the drug lab crisis shows that pressure was put on chemist Annie Dookhan and others to help prosecute drug cases. The ACLU has filed a brief with the state Supreme Judicial Court as it reviews […]

Former Middlesex DA: Bad Lab Protocols Likely To Expand Volume Of Tainted Cases

By February 7, 2013

“We’ve moved away from it being one rogue chemist to a lab that had insufficient practices, policies and protocols — to an extent that leads us to believe that there are more cases that are going to be compromised than those signed off on by Annie Dookhan.”

Essex County DA: ‘It’s My Duty to Review Drug Lab Cases One by One’

By January 28, 2013

“Most of these cases have accompanying charges of violence. No district attorney in Massachusetts is going to have somebody spend one more day in jail because of a case where Dookhan was primary chemist and the only charges were drug charges. I believe its my duty and obligation to review these cases one at a time.”

Latest News

January 8, 2015

Thousands Of Drug Convictions At Stake In Massachusetts High Court Case

The case before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court involves Annie Dookhan, a drug lab chemist who was sentenced in 2013 to at least three years in prison after admitting she faked test results.

October 23, 2014

SJC To Hear Petition To Dismiss Convictions Tied To Dookhan

The ACLU is asking the state’s highest court to dismiss tens of thousands of criminal convictions tied to former state chemist Annie Dookhan, who admitted to tampering with evidence.

March 5, 2014

SJC Sets ‘Presumption’ Of Misconduct In Dookhan-Related Guilty Pleas

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled Wednesday that defendants seeking to withdraw guilty pleas because their cases were handled by disgraced former state chemist Annie Dookhan must indicate they would have insisted on a trial if they knew about her malfeasance.