Annie Dookhan And The Massachusetts Drug Lab Crisis


Man Gets Lesser Sentence Due To Drug Lab Scandal

By August 27, 2013

A convicted drug dealer in New Hampshire, who would have faced nearly 20 years in prison as a career offender, was sentenced to only three years.

Defense Attorney: Drug Lab Report Has Inconsistencies

By August 21, 2013

Tom Workman says more needs to be done to make sure people’s rights aren’t being violated.

Review: Thousands More Cases Linked To Drug Lab Crisis

By August 20, 2013

More than 40,000 defendants may have been affected by Annie Dookhan’s mishandling of drug samples, a reviewer found.

Ex-Chemist Dookhan Wants Statements To Police Tossed

By August 19, 2013

In the statements, Annie Dookhan allegedly admitted wrongdoing. Her attorney filed a motion claiming she never got a Miranda warning.

Dookhan Gets Trial Date: Jan. 6, 2014

By August 16, 2013

The former state chemist sent ripples through Massachusetts’ criminal justice system after allegedly tampering with evidence in drug cases.

Mass. High Court: Judges, Not Magistrates, Can Release Lab Crisis Inmates

By July 23, 2013

The special magistrates were assigned by the state to review cases linked to ex-chemist Annie Dookhan. It’s not clear if any inmates were released based solely on the opinion of a special magistrate.

Texas, Colo. Coping With Their Own Lab Testing Crises

By June 20, 2013

Some experts say that as an emphasis on forensic evidence grows, labs need to be better supervised.

Recent Brockton Violence Is Linked To Drug Lab Crisis

By June 14, 2013

Three violent crimes in Brockton — including a brazen daytime murder — are linked to defendants who were released because of the state drug lab crisis.

Brockton Man, Released Amid Lab Crisis, Indicted For Murder

By June 11, 2013

The indictment charges Donta Hood with fatally shooting Charles Evans in Brockton last month — eight months after Hood was released from prison.

New Tally: 325 People Released Amid Mass. Drug Lab Crisis

By June 6, 2013

Slightly more than half of the people with criminal charges affected by the state drug lab crisis have been released from incarceration.

Latest News

January 8, 2015

Thousands Of Drug Convictions At Stake In Massachusetts High Court Case

The case before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court involves Annie Dookhan, a drug lab chemist who was sentenced in 2013 to at least three years in prison after admitting she faked test results.

October 23, 2014

SJC To Hear Petition To Dismiss Convictions Tied To Dookhan

The ACLU is asking the state’s highest court to dismiss tens of thousands of criminal convictions tied to former state chemist Annie Dookhan, who admitted to tampering with evidence.

March 5, 2014

SJC Sets ‘Presumption’ Of Misconduct In Dookhan-Related Guilty Pleas

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled Wednesday that defendants seeking to withdraw guilty pleas because their cases were handled by disgraced former state chemist Annie Dookhan must indicate they would have insisted on a trial if they knew about her malfeasance.